Monday, 25 April 2011

Epic Giveaway at Blushing Noir!

Hello again, my friends!

I just HAD to share this with you all as I know you guys will definitely appreciate it.

One of the AMAZING bloggers I love to follow is Blushing Noir and right now, Brooke is having a 500 follower giveaway.  I really think you guys should head over and check it out and show her some love.  She is a totally fun and very smart beauty blogger and always has great reviews on awesome new things.  Her personal take on things is always very honest and always a lot of fun to read. 

Right now, the Blushing Noir 500 follower giveaway she is having is HUGE.  ABSOLUTELY HUGE.  INSANELY SO.

Brooke is an absolute DOLL for putting this all together for everyone and I know she would really appreciate it more people entering and following her.  If you head over and enter, there's loads of ways to get extra entries and lots of chances to win because of it.  When you head over to enter, let her know I, Something Beautiful sent you and I know she'll love you for it :p

Anyways guys, this was just a quick one to let you know about this amazing giveaway as it's just too good to keep to myself.  Head over and show Brooke some love!

Good luck!
Lots of Love

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Giveaway Winnings from Pinkosmetics and Ebay Palette Haul

Fun Stuff Today, Guys and Dolls!

As mentioned a few posts back, I recently won a little giveaway contest from Pinkosmetics.  The first was for a butterfly themed makeup contest and the second was a referral giveaway. The makeup gods must have been smiling down on me because I somehow managed to win both!  I have never won anything so this was exciting in itself, but to sweeten the pot, I got to pick $30 worth of products from their shop for the butterfly contest and got to pick a MAC blush for the referral giveaway.  I chose a few things I've been lusting after for awhile now from the shop and so I thought I'd show you!  I know, it's nothing you all haven't seen before, but my broke student self was BEYOND ecstatic to finally get my hands on them!

As for the blush, being as I'm a lover of all things MATTE, I opted to pick a Matte blush and let my dear friend Shea, Owner of Pinkosmetics pick a color for me as I really like surprises! Being the amazing MUA that she is and knowing me very well, she picked a real winner in Desert Rose.  A wonderful all around natural flush type color, Desert Rose truly is deserving of HG status.  Despite the fact it does indeed look like a deep, dusty rose in the pan; when applied, it's the most gorgeous natural flush color.  It's very pigmented and thus you need only use a little product and a light hand.  I am absolutely in LOVE.  Shea really is an AMAZING Makeup Artist with wonderful vision for what suits people best and she hit this one right outta the ball park.  Being as I am so pale I worried when I first saw the color but the minute I applied it, I knew Shea had picked the perfect color.

Now, for the makeup porn you've all seen but I know you're still waiting for!  EBAY PALETTE HAUL!
I recently finally jumped on the 120 palette bandwagon as it contains my favorite types of colors; BRIGHTS! Alongside the 120 palette, I got a free 15 concealer palette.  I also purchased the 28 neutral palette, 28 Blush Palette and the 10 Blush Palette (Yes, there are some dupes between the two, but I LOVE blush!) I must admit, I was a skeptic about these palettes but figured for $45 bucks including shipping, I didn't have too much to lose. Overall, I was amazed at the 120 palette.  Most reviews I've read stated they were very chalky and I didn't really find this to be true. Obviously, using some sort of tacky type base (NYX Jumbo Pencils ROCK for this purpose) these colors pop like mad and with a good primer, lasted the entire day. There was a little fallout but not much more so than most other eye shadows.  The blushes are actually very pigmented and these definitely were a bit powdery, but still work like a hot damn. A few of the colors were very light even on my very fair complexion but still leave a nice hint of color for those "down days" when you want to rock the no makeup look. The concealer too, was actually quite a shock.  The coverage is really quite good.  The concealer dries down to almost a powder finish and has some decent staying power when applied over a good primer. I particularly like the green because unlike most green concealers, it's a light green and blends well over my red areas and into my fair skin.  The concealer palette has all the standard colors; lights, mediums and darks, along with a green, a lavender, a yellow and a really lovely highlighter.  The neutral palette on the other hand, is definitely my least favorite of the bunch.  Most people who have purchased this palette seem to really enjoy it but I just find all the colors seem to look alike and that was kind of a let down.  I was never really a neutral fan until as of late when I purchased my Candy Yum Yum and discovered how lovely a really neutral eye looks with it.  Overall though, I am EXTREMELY pleased with my purchase and just had to rant a little about it here because...well.... I can?  That, I figured you all would understand best my absolute joy in having lovely new stuff to play with :p
The Palette Haul in it's entirety!

The much loved 120 Palette <3

The 28 Neutral Palette

The 15 Concealer Palette; I REALLY Love the Yellow, Green and Lavender this palette includes.

The 10 Blush Palette

The 28 Blush Palette

I'll have a few reviews on these palettes and my thoughts on them when I get a bit more time to really work with them.  Hopefully in the near future, I'd like to do a series of look tutorials that are all palette based full face looks (i.e: Palette eyes, Palette Face and even Palette lips!) So keep an eye open for that and tell me what you guys think!

Thanks again for letting me rant!

Lots of Love

Weekend Haul

Hello again, my friends!

I can't even being to explain how totally stoked I am with all the amazing stuff I got this weekend.  Better still, I think all in all everything cost me about $30!  MEGA STEAL!

Recently, I discovered that one of the local dollar stores sold some of those AMAZING korean sheet masks for your face and I had bought 3 initially and immediately fell in love with them.  They are SO simple and work like a charm and for a buck a piece, you really can't beat that.  So this weekend, I went back and picked up 8 more (mostly doubles as there selection had greatly dwindled this time around.  Sad to see everyone else has discovered my secret!) and seriously, where the hell else can you get a facial for $1, let alone 8 of them!  SCORE.

Next, my lovely mother and I took a trip to one of our FAVORITE places, Value Village, and I picked up my soul mate; in purse form!  It's a big, yellow purse and I'm in LOVE!  Yellow is my FAVORITE color and I've been lusting after a big yellow purse for ages.  When we got it home, my wonderful mom truly perfected it and really made it "ME".
Mind the Crappy Photo, it's from my Blackberry!

After VV, we headed next door to another thrift store, a tiny little SPCA one that mom and I always find lots of awesome little things in.  This time was NO different.  After looking through a random little box, I found a baggie that had a BRAND NEW, stilled wrapped Lush "Shimmy Shimmy" massage bar in and a BRAND NEW, still wrapped, chunk of Coal Face facial soap (It's the most AMAZING facial soap if you have some oily areas.  I LOVE LUSH!) all for $4.00! MEGA SCORE!  Seriously, the massage bar alone is like $8.00! I was so excited, and I sincerely thought that was my ultimate deal of the weekend.

Fast forward a day to Saturday, and my best friend and partner in crime, Mom, went to our most FAVORITE place EVER, Micheal's and I picked up an amazing little artist's brush that is an almost EXACT dupe of the MAC 205 Mascara Fan brush for only $5.99!  I also picked up a great little 10 well plastic mixing palette.  I was originally just going to pick up a 6 well but for an extra 20 cents, I could have the 10 well.  My inner bargain hunter told me to take the 10 well as it only cost $1.69.  I must say, I absolutely love the mascara fan brush as it really does lend itself very well to either very light coats for very natural eyes and also to building volume with heavier coats.
A great MAC 205 dupe for only $5.99!

I should have shown something for scale; this brush is about the size of your index finger nail.

 Now, as if all that wasn't AMAZING enough (and I really thought I was having the GREATEST HAUL WEEKEND TO EVER BE HAD) we stopped by London Drugs to pick up some BeautySoClean cosmetic sanitizer spray while it was on sale for $7.99.  While we were there picking that up, I noticed they also had a bottle of the professional size BeautySoClean brush cleanser.  They didn't have a price tag for the professional size one, only for the retail size version, which was also on sale for $12.99. The pro size is 250 ml while the retail size is only 125 ml and thus I asked the sales lady if she could check the price on the pro size for me.  As it turned out, they don't actually sell the pro size one anymore and thus that bottle had technically been written off already.  The truly AMAZING sales lady, sold me the pro size bottle for $5.00.  Seriously.  I jest not.  The pro size normally retails online for $24.99.  MEGA EPIC SCORE.  Seriously.  I just owned this weekend haul.  I couldn't be more happy!

Overall, this was a terribly productive (beauty) weekend for me, I'd say!  I was just so damn pleased with this little weekend haul that I felt the need to share it with you as I know y'all always understand.

Thanks again my friends, for taking the time out to share in my joy with me!
Lots of Love

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Loose Button April '11 box: My First Sample Box!

Good Afternoon Guys and Dolls!

So excited for this little review as I have obviously seen so much on the net about all the sample box companies.  Sadly, since I live in Canada and cannot purchase Birchbox's, I  was very happy to have found a few companies that do sell and ship to Canada and as such I am VERY excited to get my sweaty little mitts on the boxes themselves.  The first company like Birchbox that I found that does ship to Canada was Loose Button and after looking over their website, I was VERY excited.  Loose Button is a deluxe sample box company based in Canada.  Their monthly box program is an invitation only company at the moment as they are just getting started now.  I emailed them and applied for an invitation and within 2 days I was emailed back with an invitation to buy my first box.  As it stands at the moment, it is not a recurring monthly program and you can either purchase 1 month at a time or 3 months at a time. Within the next few months, Loose Button will be open publicly, meaning no more waiting for an invitation and you can choose to have recurring boxes shipped to you monthly.  I myself opted to purchase only 1 month at this point.  It cost me $9.99 flat, with free shipping to anywhere in Canada or the US.  I was really grateful for that and I do think that is certainly one of the things that really makes Loose Button stand out.  I also really love supporting Canadian companies.
There was a lovely cute little bow but I forgot to take a photo of it :(
At Loose Button, customer service really does appear to be of utmost importance to them.  I had a couple of questions and within a day I had answers and on top of that, dealing with them is just an absolute joy.  The guys at Loose Button really go out of their way to be as helpful and informative as possible, all the while still being VERY friendly and just all around really lovely to deal with.  I definitely look for great customer service when it comes to dealing with people I am giving my hard earned money to and they most certainly deliver.  I really just can't say enough about their outgoing and super helpful manner.  A+++, most definitely.

As for the box itself, I can honestly say I'm in Love.  The time and thought they've put in to the simple and sweet packaging really astounded me.  The box itself is is a lovely parchment box wrapped with a cute little black and white polka dotted ribbon tied in a perfect little bow.  Even after being packed and shipped, my box arrived looking lovely as the day they put it all together.  Inside the box, bright colored tissue paper adds an even more luxe touch.  The first thing you see upon opening the box is a super cute little personalized information card telling you about the products included, along side a little chocolate they've included to really help give you that 5 star feel.
My vintage loving heart was skipping beats! 
Once you get past the pretty tissue, the fun really does begin.  In all the Loose Button boxes, there are 3-5 deluxe samples from all sorts of companies.  In the near future, when the company really gets off the ground, there will be samples from your favorite brands like MAC, NARS, Bobbi Brown, Balmshell (An AMAZING Canadian company!) and loads of other amazing high end brands.  Unlike the samples you get from department stores, the samples you get from Loose Button are the equivalent of most travel size products.  Most department store samples you will only get one use out of!  The samples you receive are of a varying sort, normally skincare and cosmetics and even hair care products.  You really can't beat a great variety like that every month for the awesome price of $9.99, especially when the shipping is free.

My April box included:

Elizabeth Grant Biocollasis Gentle Cleanser (60ml or 2fl. oz.)

Elizabeth Grant Lubricating Body Treatment (25ml or .84 fl. oz)

Principessa Beauty Terme Tresses Shampoo (15ml or .51 fl. oz.)
Principessa Beauty Terme Tresses Conditioner (15ml or .51 fl. oz)

Clinque High Impact Mascara in Black (.14 oz)

Also included was a Daffodil pin in support of cancer research as April is Cancer month.  I really appreciated this even though I have already purchased a few of these pins myself, it's nice to know that part of this month's box proceeds go to cancer research.

Overall, I was really pleased with this box.  I was honestly hoping for more makeup samples, but after trying some of these products, I'm VERY glad they included what they did.  I am LOVING the Elizabeth Grant Gentle Cleanser and Lubricating Lotion.  I hope in the near future there will be more makeup samples, as clearly that is a HUGE plus in my books but I do really love how much thought and effort LB puts into these boxes.  You can clearly see these guys spend a lot of time try to vary each month's box and as such, there's always something new and exciting.  I appreciate all the personal little touches and the genuine classic simplicity of this box.  The packaging alone brings back thoughts of the 40's when everything your purchased from shops came wrapped in tissue and packaged in lovely little boxes.  This company truly was out for my heart from the start.  I just can't say enough about this wonderful company and truly look forward to having this wonderful little gift in my mail box every month. 

I hope you all look into this great little company as they truly have this sample box thing down to art.

Lots of Love

Monday, 4 April 2011

MAC Candy Yum Yum Look Tutorial

Salutations, Guys and Dolls!

Today I'm going to show you a quick and easy look starring MAC's Candy Yum Yum.  Because this lipstick is such a stunner, it really will be focal point of this look.  I went for an understated natural type eye and a very simply glowing springtime complexion.  I want this look to translate well for both day and night looks as well as really kind of embodying Spring!
Spring has Sprung!

First things first, I like to start with moisturizing my face (I use MAC Studio Moisture Fix) and priming my eyes.  It may seem a bit backwards, but I like to do my eyes first and then do my foundation so as not to have to worry too much about fallout.  For an eye primer, I am using ELF Mineral Eye Primer. (at $3, it works almost as well UDPP at a broke student friendly price!) I also used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cottage Cheese to really give the eyeshadows something to stick to.  Make sure to blend out the pencil with your finger.  If you don't it will crease, even with a primer underneath. I like to tap a translucent powder onto my cheeks and the orbital bone so as to catch the fallout.  I brush this away at the end of doing my eyes with a large, fluffy powder blush.
Blend out the pencil with your finger really well!
Next, I am going to start with my lid color.  I chose to use a soft pinky gold shimmer, in this case MAC's Naked Lunch.  In my experience, this color shows up a lot less pink on me though I have heard people say that if you have yellow undertones, this does show up a bit more pink.  On myself, it shows up more neutral and I notice the gold tones showing through more so.
Oh yes, those eyelashes are really 2 different colors!

Now I am going to work on my crease.  I chose to use MAC's Sushi Flower in the crease to tie in the pink.  Sushi Flower is a coral pink Satin eyeshadow and despite the fact it looks darker in the pan, when applied it can be applied sheer or built up.  I am blending this upwards from the crease to the brow bone.  You can choose how high you want to take the color up.  I darkened it in the crease a bit to get some real definition. I also chose to use a bit of MAC's Paradisco in the crease to darken it further.  I applied this rather lightly so as not to make the eyes TOO dramatic; just enough to get to kind of deepen the look of your eyes.  Sort of like contouring :p
*Note: The flash has made the crease look darker than in reality.*
For a highlight, I chose to use Naked Lunch again, very lightly applied just under your brow.  I used an angle brush to get most of the color directly under the brow so as to "lift" your brows a bit.  I then blended it down a bit and picked up a bit more on a fluffly blending brush to blend the Sushi Flower with the highlight. When it came to Mascara, I chose to use Maybelline Full and Soft in Blackest Black, applying 2 coats to the upper lashes and 1 very light coat on the lower lashes. I also chose to apply some individual natural false eyelashes on the outer corners just because I like them :p
Now that I've finished the eyes, I've brushed away the translucent powder and I'm going to "put my face on", as it were.  As mentioned, I used MAC's Studio Moisture Fix and then Smashbox's Photo Finish Face Primer. For a foundation, I am using at the moment Cover Girl and Olay Simply Ageless Foundation in Classic Ivory.  I am really loving this foundation as it's both very lightweight and moisturizing.  I don't use the sponge it comes with, nor do I use a foundation brush.  God's best gifts are your hands and I utilize them fully.

For the blush, I chose to use Benefit's Coralista.  It is really quite pigmented and as I'm so pale, I use a very fluffy loosely packed brush for a very sheer application.  I applied this just to the apples of my cheek.  This is a really lovely coral-y blush with a fair bit of shimmer to it.  I chose this because it's really bright and makes me think of spring and summer and sun!

Obviously, this is the part that ties it all together.  This is where my "True Love in a Tube" comes in.  Using a lip brush, I applied MAC's Candy Yum Yum to my lips.  Being as it's a matte, you guys might choose to using a gloss over top. I didn't.  I did however, take a different lip brush, and take a bit of the Naked Lunch and applied it to my cupid's bow to give a bit more dimensions to my lips.  This is a trick  to make your lips seem fuller that I really love and even though I have naturally full lips.

TAAA DAAAA! Now tell me this look doesn't make you think of Spring and fun in the sun?!

I hope y'all enjoyed reading about this look as much as I enjoyed doing it and sharing it with you!  Thanks again for looking in.

Lots of Love

Sunday, 3 April 2011

34 piece Makeup Brush Set from Ebay

Hello again, Guys and Dolls!

Today I am going to review a 34 piece makeup brush set I purchased from Ebay.  When I first looked into purchasing them I tried to google other reviews on this set with very little luck.  I found a few written reviews and a few videos on youtube but nothing that really was very helpful.  I purchased these anyways and I obviously wasn't expecting much but I just wanted to have a better selection of different sized and shaped brushes as my actual brush collection is pretty damn small and rather limited.  I paid $20.90 including shipping and I personally think this was a pretty good deal because even if I wasn't fond of any of the brushes, I'd still have the 34 slot faux leather brush roll.

Section 1 ( Large Fan & Face Brushes)
Section 2 (Contouring and Eyeshadow Brushes)

Section 3 (A few more Eyeshadow Brushes, Concealer Brushes and Lip Brushes)

Section 4 (more Lip Brushes)

Section 5 (Last of the Lip Brushes, Eyeliner Brushes, Eyebrow Brush, Mascara wand, Lash & Brow Comb and Fan Brush)
It took 18 days to receive the package and upon arrival I was rather astounded at the actual weight of the package. Inside was the brush roll which came in standard plastic packaging.  The first thing I was VERY aware of when I opened the plastic packaging and slid out the brush roll was an almost overwhelming chemically type smell of the faux leather. I sat down on my couch and unrolled the brushes and was actually kind of shocked at how long the brush roll really was when fully open.  It's like 3 feet long! Even though they're not high quality brushes, I was quite overcome with excitement at seeing allllll those brushes lined up so cute in their designated slots.  I started to take out each one, one after another and touch them all and have a good look over each.  I was really glad to see that the large brushes (Large Fan, Small Fan and Powder Brushes) all came with brush guards.  I was also glad to see, or rather smell, that they were indeed primarily goat and pony hair, not synthetic as one girl had insinuated in her review.  The posting on ebay said they were all natural (aside from the obvious lip and and concealer brush which are taklon and the brow and lash comb and mascara wand) and so I would have been pretty annoyed if they all had been synthetic.

After going over all of them and inspecting everything, I decided to take them into my work area (*coughbathroomcough*) and deodorize and clean both the brushes and the roll.  The chemically smell had obviously permeated the brushes, leaving them smelling like chemical covered farm animals.  I used EnKore's method for deodorizing new brushes (Check it out, it works like a hot damn!) and after that, as he instructs, you want to do a good deep clean on them.  I was going to do this anyways as I always wash brand new brushes.  I had expected shedding and so wasn't too annoyed when washing the brushes and there were hairs in the palm of my hand as I washed them.  I wouldn't say the shedding was really too extreme.  I only experienced shedding with the powder brushes and large fan brush.  I had no shedding at all from any of the eyeshadow brushes or any of the others.  I did however experience the most extreme color bleeding from the large fan brush.  When I say extreme, I do mean it.  Even after washing and rinsing it for at least 20 minutes straight, it still was bleeding out a bit.  Albeit a whole lot less so, the water coming from the brush was still lightly discolored.  Aside from the large fan brush, I didn't experience any other bleeding really.  When deodorizing the powder brushes, the deodorizing solution left in the glass after taking out the brushes was a little ruddy colored, but only a little.  When all the brushes were washed and laying out on a towel to dry, I took some alcohol on some cotton pads and swabbed down the entire brush rolls in hopes of culling that terribly noxious chemical smell.   I let that dry and then placed a few laundry sheets in in and let it sit out over night and air out.

Upon waking up this morning, I found the roll to be ALMOST completely free of the chemical smell.  The brushes all dried just fine and there was no color bleed on the towel either.  The only brush I had an issue with was the small fan brush.  After I had finished washing it the night before, it seems all the nice soft straight hairs had gone kinky!  Almost every single hair had gone kinky and I was hoping that when it dried it would have sorted itself out.  Nope.  No such luck.  My only idea for this was to take my hair straightener to it.  Since it's Goat hair, it's safe to use heat on it.  I gave it a couple going overs with my iron and then slid it back into the brush guard whilst the hairs were still warm.  20 minutes later I went in to check on the brush and lo and behold, it was almost completely back to normal.  There are still a few random stray hairs on the brush that are a bit kinky but for the most part, it's completely back to normal.

I must say that overall, I'm pretty darn pleased.  Being a broke student, I think this set was a really great deal and I know I will get loads of use out of it.  I have a few more pricey brushes that have shed just the same amount as these did initially and so that doesn't really bother me.  They are quite soft and quite densely packed which are the 2 things I'm most concerned about normally.  I am really loving all the eyeshadow brushes as they really do pick up product well and disperse it very evenly also.  There are a few random brushes I'm favoring a fair bit, mainly being the Angle Contouring Brush (remarkably soft considering!) and the Small Fan Brush too, as it's reallllly soft and picks up just the right amount of bronzer for my pasty face.  There's this awesome little Round Lip Brush that I just love as I have very full lips and alot of space to cover and most lip brushes I find rather small.  This particular lip brush is also great for lining your lips as it's quite stiff and dense.  I think the more I use taklon brushes, the more I actually like them.

Contouring Brush I'm actually LOVING.

The Small Fan Brush that went kinky is now perfect again!

Truly the standout of the lot!  Really wonderful value for money.

I think this set is a really good deal.  It's definitely handy to have if you're looking to get a larger selection of brushes to broaden your collection without spending a lot of money.  The set came with 2 sponge applicator type brushes that I threw out as soon as I got the set, but aside from that, I'm pretty darn pleased.  As I said already, I will most certainly be using these daily personally and it's nice as there are some dupes of the brushes in there (like 2 of the exact same eyeshadow brushes and 2 of the same lip brushes and so on...) that I was able to give to my mom as she likes to play with makeup too.  This set will also be helpful for when my friends come over and just want me to play around and do their makeup as most of my friends seem to have very small eyes and mouths (I found this strange the first few times I did my friends makeup as I've spent year doing my own and I have both large eyes and mouth).  I think if you're on a budget, you'll appreciate these brushes as much I do.  I am a tough girl and I've always grown up with the sorts of things you "make do" with and thus I can deal with a bit of shedding or bleeding.  They're all quite soft and dense and thus, my criteria has been met.  I am really glad I decided to purchase this set despite the lack of information on the web about them. 

Lots of Love

MAC Candy Yum Yum & Playtime Review (Picture Heavy)

Good Evening, All!

MAC Candy Yum Yum is a bright neon pink.  It's a matte shade and it's Limited Edition for the Spring '11 Quite Cute collection. This particular matte doesn't feel like a matte and definitely is not as drying as matte lipsticks normally tend to be.  Extremely pigmented and very long wearing, (I wore this for 5 hours while drinking and eatting and didn't need to reapply until the 5th hour.) this lipstick is a real gem. It's a blue toned pink and works very well on fair skinned gals and I really feel it would wear well on anyone who has the confidence to pull it off.  It's definitely VERY bright and as such, you should definitely follow the rule and wear this with a neutral type eye.

Mind my unamused face; it's late

MAC Candy Yum Yum
 Honestly, I just can't say enough about this lipstick.  It's true love in a tube for me and I swear I'll never be without it again.  I was lucky enough to have an amazing MA at the MAC pro store on Robson who went and found me the last presale Candy Yum Yum in the entire store and I am ever so grateful to her for it.  I will certainly be heading to my local MAC store here in Richmond Center on the 7th on the actual launch day to get a backup! Throw on a bit of mascara and maybe some fabulous falsies and a bit of eyeliner and rock this lipstick with all the confidence you've got and I promise, you won't be disappointed. What will really shock you won't be the color; it'll be all the compliments you get!

Totally Stellar; Right?!
MAC Candy Yum Yum (With Flash)
MAC Playtime is a rather sheer magenta purple. An absolutely gorgeous color that looks amazingly bright in the tube, when worn on the lips, it's very sheer and gives your lips a perfect lovely purple sheen to them.  This particular lipstick is a cremesheen finish and applies smoothly.  If you have very pigmented lips, as I do, I suggest a good lip primer to make the color POP a bit.  I think this lipstick is actually really quite nice because even though it looks very bright in the tube, it applies sheer which really would make it okay for every day wear with almost any kind of eye.  I like this simply because I LOVE color and appreciate having the ability to wear it without always catching girls with the sideways glance, looking at you like "IS SHE REALLY WEARING THAT?!".  Where as I don't mind causing a spectacle, I know some of you aren't quite as carefree when it comes to such things.  This lipstick has almost a duo chrome type shimmer to it which really does make it quite eye catching. Overall, just a really beautiful lipstick you will be kicking yourself for if you miss out on.

MAC Playtime (With Flash)

Playtime certainly isn't as loud as Candy Yum Yum but I personally feel it is worth picking up as it really is very wearable on all skin tones.  Being as it's an LE, I know some of you are probably feeling the need to grab one just so you don't look back in the future and wish you had.  That's the exact reason I picked this out and I must say, I feel no remorse.  I would strongly suggest trying it on in the store before you buy it to see if it's really "You".  It's a really versatile color that can be built up or worn sheer.  Definitely worth picking up!

MAC Playtime (Without Primer, With Flash)

All in all, I can certainly say from what I've seen, the lipsticks and the nail polishes really are the standouts of this spring collection.  If you get the chance to check this out, I'm sure you'll love it.  This collection truly embodies spring and I am ever so glad I got a small piece of this!

MAC Candy Yum Yum (With Flash, obviously!)

MAC Candy Yum Yum (with Flash)
MAC Playtime (Without Flash)

MAC Playtime (With Flash; Sorry it totalllly washes it out!)

See?  Quite sheer but totally buildable
I hope this was at least a little helpful and as always,
Lots of Love