Saturday, 26 March 2011

Exciting Stuff :)

Hello again, friends! :)

This is going to be quick one but I just HAD to share my joy and excitement with someone and I knew you'd understand :)  Also, a really rad site y'all should check out; which I also know you'll appreciate.

First, the exciting part!

About a month ago I entered in a contest held by Pinkosmetics on facebook.  The idea of the contest was to create your best butterfly themed look.  Me, being a "Go big or Go Home" sorta gal decided to try my hand at an ACTUAL butterfly and be all artsy about it.  Let me tell you this; I am NOT artistically talented in any way.  Aside from with makeup, my actual like, drawing skills, are very sad indeed.  I figured though that I had nothing to lose and a $30 gift card to the Pinkosmetics site if I did, so I swallowed my pride and gave it a good shot and this is what I came up with:

                                                                  And Another View:

Note my lack of abilities.  Somehow though, by some grace of Robert Plant (GOD), I won!  YAY ME!  I've never won a damn thing in my life, not even a Science Fair! So off I headed to the Pinkosmetics site to pick out my prizes and I'll be damned if they didn't have the eyeshadow I've been lusting after FOREVER; (Remember, broke student with a loan!) MAC's Chrome Yellow.  Now Yellow is my FAVORITE color of all time and I've never been able to find a really pigmented matte yellow, at least not one in my price range.  You can bet your butt that is what I picked!  Then, I also found MAC's Nylon and immediately knew I had to have it as I have heard many people say it's like HG of highlight colors.  I also opted for a duo lash glue to round it all out to $30 limit as I never seem to remember to pick some up when I'm at Sephora and I was in desperate need of good glue! YAY ME!  I'm sorry, I'm really not trying to brag but I was beyond stoked to win this and just had to tell you about the awesomeness that is Pinkosmetics!  It's a really wonderful site run by an amazing lady with the best customer service I have EVER received.  Pinkosmetics is an online shop and makeup resource for the ACTUAL shop and "studio" (Is that the right word?!) Pinkosmetics down in Houston, Texas.  Headed by Shea Phillips, it is one of the top rated makeup art studios (that still doesn't sound quite right) in Houston.  Shea is a very talented Makeup Artist who really is capable of creating or recreating ANY look.  She is a full service beauty studio, specializing in all sorts of fun things like lash extensions and tinting as well full photo shoots with hair and makeup right in the studio.  Shea is a really outgoing and very helpful. If there is ANYTHING you are looking for, I guarantee she can find it and for a much better price.  At the moment, she is in the process of updating her site and thus she hasn't got much left in the way of products up, but never fear, as she is always updating and there's always a mega deal to be found.  I have dealt with Shea many a time now and she has helped me track down damn near any and every thing I have asked her to find.  On top of the contest prize, she also was having a little mini giveaway on her Facebook Page . (I STRONGLY suggest you guys head over there ASAP and "Like" them as she is always doing little giveaways and posting amazing photos from her photo shoots) This little giveaway was for whomever could suggest the most friends and LUCKY ME, I totally pwned that one too!  Don't ask how, but I'm sticking to the whole "grace of Robert Plant" theory.  In turn, I won a MAC Desert Rose blush. AMAZING RIGHT?!  It most certainly is!  I have a hard time finding AFFORDABLE matte blushes and so was absolutely stoked that this blush was the one up for grabs.  I was "announced" as the winner about 3 days ago and was just informed by Shea today that she had shipped my stuff and thus, all this excitement and my need to share.

All in all, I just felt the compulsion to share my lovely new beauty secret, Pinkosmetics , with you all.  This is a company you NEED to have on your side and in your kit if you're constantly on the look out for a great deal and dealing with great people! I can't stress enough how much I am LOVING this awesome company and how instrumental they have been in my search for many illusive products. Go check them out on facebook at Pinkosmetics for even BETTER deals than on their site and for fun giveaways and comment games!  Head over to their page and show them some love and tell them I sent you! The more subscribers on facebook they get, the more giveaways they'll do! If you are in the Houston area, please go check them out at 7979 North Eldridge Parkway and stop in to see the amazing work they do! 

Thanks again for listening to me ramble and as always,
Lots of Love

Thursday, 24 March 2011

900+ Followers Giveaway over at Madiha's Makeup Blog!

Hello again my friends!

I also forgot to mention another blogger I LOVE is having a big giveaway for her followers not that she has reached 900+!  I thought I would let you guys know about it so you can head on over and follow her and show her some love and support.  She's a real makeup enthusiast, and as such, does some really unique looks and tutorials that are right up my bright and flashy alley!  I know everyone loves a bit of excitement and color in their day to day makeup as we all know that now that we're all growed up and have to work the ol' 9-5 we can't all be quite as flamboyant as were in our youth.  She has a great mix of AMAZING night looks and lots of softer options for the day for everything from school to work and even just hanging out with your friends.  She's a very creative girl and I fully appreciate the time and effort she puts into her looks and I can appreciate all of them.

If you get a chance, head on over and take a look through her blog and I know you won't be disappointed! You should also go check out her youtube channel as she has some great videos on there also!

900+ Followers Giveaways at Madhia's Makeup Blog


Madiha's Youtube Link for Giveaway (Subscribe and go check out there other video's in her channel!)

Also, she has another giveaway going simultaneously  for an awesome NYX prize pack as well as much coveted SLEEK palette!  I would KILL to get my hands on one of the SLEEK palettes as I've read loads of amazing reviews about these palettes and sadly since they're available only in England and online (I lack a credit card; Thank God!).  Here's the link for that too, so you should definitely head on over and check that out too while you're there!

NYX & Sleek Giveaway!

Thanks again everyone :)  I just had to share this with you because it wouldn't be fair if you didn't know what I know!

Amazing blogger alert!

I just wanted to share with you an amazing blogger I've been watching on youtube for quite some.  She's a total skincare whiz and is an all around sweet person with a super bubbly personality which makes her a sheer joy to watch!  I would LOVE it you all could head over to her blog AND her youtube and show her support.  She's a real joy to watch and learn from and think y'all would really appreciate her and all she does!

I wanted to share a link to her giveaways as she puts ALOT of effort and thought into them and gives everyone a real chance to to win.  She takes alot of her time to compile everything and I really appreciate that and I thought you might too :)

 Here's the link to the entry form for the giveaway she's doing at the moment that has taken her over a year to put together and thus you should really go show some support and enter and make all the effort worth her while!   It's open internationally and there are different forms for both US & Canada and an International form.  Head over and check it out!  If you have any questions, send her a message or leave her a comment!

Entry Form for US & Canadian entrants. This is also open to international entrants!

and you should DEFINITELY check her out on youtube, also.  You won't regret it :)

A Year in The Making

Thanks again guys!  I really hope you head on over and leave her some loving and thanks for all she really does as she seems like a truly wonderful person and I am very happy to have found her!  I know you will be too :)

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Garnier Moisture Rescue Review

G'day Guys and Dolls!

About a week ago, I picked up a few products from the new Garnier line, Moisture Rescue.  I have been using their Fresh line for a few years now and loving it so I figured I'd give the new line a try.  I have been blessed with overall really lovely skin and a nice complexion but my issue has always been I have very sensitive skin and thus I have trouble finding products which won't upset the natural balance of my skin. When I first started using the Fresh line, I was immediately in love.  I personally have always used the entire line and of course there were a few standout products that still have a permanent place on my counter.  I love Love LOVE the eye makeup remover and I can't say enough  about the toner either.  I also love the 24h Deep Moisturizer because I love to mix it with my foundation for the perfect tinted moisturizer.  The cleanser on the other hand, *shrugs* I could do with out.  It always left my skin feeling dry and just... kinda funny.

Now, this new line, this was something I had to get my hands on. The 2 products in this line I was most interested in were obviously the cleanser as it's a moisturizing cleanser and the lovely new gel cream.  I am an avid lover of Clinque's Moisture Surge, but being a broke student, I just can't swing that.  So whilst out and about last week, I decided to pick up these 2 products and give them a whirl.  Here are my thoughts on these products and the new line.

Garnier Moisture Rescue Fresh Cleansing Foam

I do not own this photo, it's from the website.  Just to give you an idea ;)

Where to buy in Canada: I picked mine up at Zellers while they were having a sale and got the Cleanser for $4.99 CAD and the Moisturizer for $10.99 CAD (regular price, only the cleansers were on sale).  You can pick these up at most any drugstore and the regular retail price is $10.99 for the moisturizers in this line and $7.99 CAD for the cleanser.

My Thoughts:
As mentioned, I loved the previous line I was using, but due to the cold months, I was in dire need of some moisture (Funny, I live in Vancouver where it rains all Winter and Spring long).  My inital thoughts on this cleanser was that I couldn't figure out why the heck they call it a foam?!  The formula itself is in a tube and is a thick, creamy pearlescent cream.  Even when lathered on my face with water (You apply to a wet face, obviously) it didn't foam.  This little fact doesn't actually bother me in the least, just confuses me.  Due to the consistency of this product, a little bit really does go a long way and all you need is maybe a quarter sized amount in the palm of your hands to get your face all fresh and clean.  It does an amazing job as a cleanser, taking off all my makeup with ease.  It feels wonderfully smooth on the skin (Obviously it's not an exfoliating product, just to clarify) and has the same smell as the Fresh line does.  It's a wonderful airy type of fragrance that smells like freshly washed laundry, one of my favorite smells in the whole world.  For those of you who aren't big fans of a scented face wash, this won't be the product for you.  Fragrance aside, I've had NO issues with breakouts or hives which is normally the problem I have with most face products. It literally leaves your face feeling squeaky clean and deliciously soft.  I can honestly say I have noticed a very obvious change in my skin texture with this cleanser.  It definitely delivers in the moisture category and always leaves my face sparkling clean with a really lovely fresh glow.  This is now my go-to cleanser.  Hands down. It's really a wonderful product and I can't sing it's praises loud enough.  I would strongly suggest giving this product a go if you too have sensitive skin.  I have normal skin, no real oily spots and no real dry spots, so I know it most certainly works for the gals with normal skin.  I feel this product would also be well suited to the gals with oily skin also as it really is a very deep clean feeling and due to the fact it's made with grape seed extract, it will give you moisture without adding to your troublesome oily areas.  Give it a go and I'm positive you will love it :)

Who would LOVE this product: Girls with sensitive skin.  Definitely.  It's very lightweight and very gentle and still does an amazing job of cleaning your face completely.

Who wouldn't love this product: Being as I have normal skin, I can only vouch for the normal skin types.  Also, on the website, it's also filed under the "Normal & Combination Skin" tab and thus I can't honestly say how well it works if you fall outside those margins.  I do however feel it will work very well for everyone.

Would I repurchase: Of course I will! It's practically HG status on my counter now!

Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel Cream

I do not own this, either.  I think you get the point, though!

Where to buy in Canada: Available at Drugstores for $10.99 CAD (The Garnier Canada website normally always has coupons for at least $1 off and London Drugs has it on sale fairly often.)

My thoughts:
I know there probably isn't one single soul that isn't looking for a super lightweight intensive moisturizer.  I know this.  I know this simply because I was one of those people until I found this wonder product.  I am one of those girls that wears moisturizer under my tinted moisturizer foundation.  I have been told since I was too young to remember how amazing my skin and thus, I've always tried my best to keep it that way.  I have always had wonderfully soft skin and a great complexion and I know that is an amazing gift to have.  I have always had issues with moisturizers feeling really heavy and make my face feel almost as if it's suffocating.  I have been trying to find a moisturizer like this since I first discover the Clinque Moisture Surge and then discovered I couldn't actually afford it.  I will be frank and say straight out, that after only a week, this has reached full HG status and I'll never be without it.  The lightweight gel formula is a true wonder on the skin and it is indeed very refreshing.  It glides onto the skin with ease and cools instantly.  I feel that I'll love this even more come Summer!  The gel consistency is truly wonderful as a little product goes a very long way.  The first night I got a great big finger full and dotted in onto my cheeks, forehead, chin and nose and lo and behold, I had so much product I had to work it down my neck and onto my chest and top of my breasts! The next night, I had obviously learned my lesson and used less.  It sinks in almost instantly and doesn't leave your skin feeling tight or sticky in the slightest.  Moments after it dries, you can already feel the difference.  Hell, you can see it too!  I swear to Robert Plant (What?! He's MY God.) that you will see a glowy, plumper more rejuvenated face looking back from the mirror at you!  This moisturizer is absolutely perfect to wear under your foundation and almost completely takes away the need for a primer (I said ALMOST.  I still use a primer)  The only downside I can see to that theory is that there is no sunscreen in it.  That being said, also in this line is a lightweight SPF 15 lotion.  I didn't bother to pick this up as my foundation has SPF 15 already in it and as mentioned, I was looking for an all around lightweight gel type moisturizer for night and day.  I personally do use this both night and day.  It sinks in so quickly and leaves skin so soft that it's perfect 'round the clock.  Needless to say after all this, I am utterly and totally sold on this product.  I feel this would be perfect for every skin type as it is so lightweight yet so moisturizing.  Unlike most moisturizers that are either so heavy your face almost always feels "damp" or one so lightweight you feel like you got nothing from it; this is very long lasting and has grape seed extract and vitamin E for long lasting hydration that will last as long as your day (and night!) does.

Who would LOVE this product: Honest to Robert Plant; Everyone.  I have the sneaking feeling everybody has looking for a moisturizer like this to join their daily skin care routine.

Who wouldn't love this product: That's a very good question.  I would say maybe someone looking for something a bit heavier or someone looking for something with SPF and anti aging properties. 

Would I repurchase: In case I didn't make it clear enough; FULL HG STATUS. This product is like the highlight of my beauty year. No jokes, no exaggerations.

As always, I right reviews to shed a bit more light on certain products I feel strongly about.  I especially prefer to focus my reviewing energy on readily accessible and affordable products as I'm on a budget and most of the world is too, right now.  I hope this review was of some help to you and has helped you make an informed decision. I encourage you to try things for yourself and form your opinions, because as always in the beauty world; what works for one, doesn't necessarily work for all. Thanks again for checking in :)

Lots Of Love

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Quo Bent Eyeliner Brush and Sephora Smoky Cream Eyeliner Reviews (Picture Heavy Post)

Hello again guys and doll!

Yesterday my beastie (Matty) bought me a bent eyeliner brush that I've been looking for for an eternity.  I was totally stoked to finally find one somewhere local! Since I also just recently got 2 cream eyeliners from Sephora for my birthday, I figured I'd review the 2 together as they go hand in hand with each other. I hope that this is a helpful review and that I can shed a bit more light on the topics of bent eyeliner brushes and cream/gel eyeliners.

Quo Bent Eye Liner Brush

Where to buy in Canada: You can find these handy little tools at virtually any Shopper's Drug Mart.  Quo cosmetics is one Shopper's own lines and they have LOADS of affordable brushes and cosmetics and other tools.

Cost: $13.99
Now I know you're all thinking "That's not THAT much cheaper" But in the long run, and if you're buying multiple brushes at a time, it really is saving you money versus the big name brands like MAC.  Not only that, they really are wonderful quality and I have never had an issue with any sort of shedding or color running.  I have a few Quo brushes and those that I do have, I have had for at least 3 years now and they're all still in perfect shape and holding up like true champs.

My Thoughts:
As mentioned, I've been looking for one of these brushes since I first heard about them.  I am a liquid eyeliner girl to the core and as such, finding good eyeliner brushes is IMPERATIVE.  I have a few different eyeliner brushes including the standard straight ones (Mine is an awesome little taklon artists brush) and an AMAZING angle brush with the finest edges EVER from ecotools of all brands.  I always like to try new things and when it comes to doing eyeliner on a client or even on myself, anything that makes it that much easier or quicker is appreciated.  This brush does JUST that.  I always thought my straight brush was great but it still took some time as you have to be quite careful to keep the line straight due to the angle your arm/hand has to be at due to the shape of brush.  This brush, due to it's ingenious little bend, makes applying liquid or gel eyeliners an absolute breeze.  It's much more ergonomically correct and thus, makes so much more sense.  Gone are the days of holding your arm at awkward angles, trying to achieve the perfect line or perfect little flick!  I am a convert now.  Utterly and totally.  I have yet to try this brush on a client and so I can't tell you how much easier it will make that process, but I imagine if it's improved the process of application on one's self this much, it should make that an absolute breeze also.

The brush is a synthetic hair and it picks up the color and distributes it evenly.  Being as it's synthetic, the bristles don't absorb the product and waste it.  It has a very fine point  and the ferule itself is obviously a little longer than a normal straight brush to facilitate that little bend. The brush also has it's use printed onto it, stating simply "Angled Eyeliner Brush" (I wish it said BENT!  Everyone knows an Angle eyeliner brush has angle cut hair... Grrr...)  Clearly, that's the only beef I really have with this brush.  I know it does grammatically make sense, but it still kinda bugs me.

Either way, I definitely give this brush 5 stars.  Easily.  I can't get over how much quicker and simpler it makes the whole ling process.  It also works wonders for waterlines and tightlining, which is always a rather awkward process in itself! It's perfect for creating very fine lines and also works just as well to create thick, bold lines.  It's truly a gem.

Who would LOVE this product:  Everyone!  Especially if you're an eyeliner junkie like myself.  People just starting out using liquid or gel eyeliners will also adore this brush as I really do feel it will simplify the whole process.  People who have trouble getting clean lines or perfect "wings" will really appreciate this also. 

Who wouldn't love it: I honestly don't think there would be a single makeup loving soul that wouldn't!  I suppose if you never use liquids or gel/cream liners, then you would ultimately have no use for it. 

Would I repurchase:  You're damn rights I will!  If anything should ever happen to this brush, or should it need replacing, I will definitely pick up another.  

Sephora Smoky Cream Eyeliner

Where to buy:  Both online and in store. (Just to clarify, I mean Sephora online and Sephora in store)

Cost: $13 CAD or $10 USD

Colors Purchased: The Deep End (a matte royal periwinkle blue) and Bewitch Me (a shimmery dark plum)

My Thoughts: What first caught my eye was the color selection.  I first picked out "The Deep End" which is an absolutely STELLAR periwinkle sort of royal blue color.  Better still, it was a matte.  My heart was stolen from the first glance. The color selection they have is actually pretty decent and they have some nice colors you don't normally see.  Check out their website to get a better idea of the colors available. My friend Megan actually bought me "The Deep End" as a birthday gift and what a wonderful gift it truly is!  I am a slave to all things matte, whether it's lippies or shadows or blushes, I'm immediately in love if it's a matte.  This cream eyeliner certainly doesn't disappoint.  The color you see in the pot is the exact color you get. The texture of this cream eyeliner is very soft and smooth, comparable to warm butter.  Keep that in mind when dipping your brushes and use a light hand otherwise you'll have too much product and a messy pot and brush. It applies with such ease and such great pigmentation.  That being said, I still feel the need to build up the color a bit more as I love my eye colors to be very loud and very bold.  It is indeed very smudge proof ONCE IT HAS SET and VERY water resistant. (It's said to be water proof and yes it does stand up to water VERY well so long as you aren't rubbing at the color)  It works wonderfully in the water line.  I personally picked up "Bewitch Me" which is a really lovely subtle shimmery deep plum color on my birthday with a gift card my brother's girlfriend Amanda gave me.  I picked out this color because it's great with my hazel eyes and it's also a bit more subtle and suited to day time work looks. (Not that I work, but ya never know) It's a really lovely shade of plum and applies just as well as The Deep End and just as pigmented.  As with all gel and cream eyeliners, I like to set them with a matching powder or something in the same color family. I am definitely looking forward to picking up the rest of the colors in the line.  They really do last all day long and are very smudge proof once dry.  The nice thing about these liners is they are also smudgeable when wet and lend themselves very well to smoky eye looks (Hence the name!) I do however find a smudge brush really is in order to get a nice look as trying to do it with your finger or even a cotton swab looks a bit messy and blotchy. These eyeliners are now an absolute staple in my kit and I sincerely hope you give them a try and they find their way into your personal arsenal as well. I know a lot of people aren't the biggest fans of Sephora brand stuff but I have never really had an issue with any of their stuff that I use.  These are truly awesome cream liners and the fact they come in a whole myriad of interesting colors is a major selling point in my opinion. They are super smooth and have great color pay off. Overall, I'm really impressed.

Overall, another 5 stars for these awesome eyeliners.  I love the color and texture selection (they have both matte and shimmer textures) They have amazing color pay off and the formula really is wonderful. 

Who would LOVE these: Anyone that's looking for a great color selection of cream eyeliners that doesn't have access to the Inglot brand gel eyeliners. (HINT HINT! Canada needs a site!)

Who wouldn't love these:  I suppose someone who isn't really a fan of cream eyeliners.  Even those with oily eyelids should love these, so long as you use a good primer and let them set. 

Would I repurchase: I most certainly will be!  I am hoping in the near future to get my hands on the rest of the colors as they really are a great steal at $13 and work like a charm.

Bewitch Me
The Deep End

Without Flash, Natural Light
With Flash

Wearing "Bewitch Me"

Wearing "The Deep End"

I hope these reviews helped you a bit in getting a better grasp on the products themselves as well as their uses and quality.  Thanks again for taking the time to check it out and I hope you enjoyed my take on these products.

Lots of Love

Monday, 14 March 2011

"I'd like to thank the government" (Picture Heavy Post!)

Just this once, they've done me a solid.

I went in again to New Image today to find out whether my student loan application had been approved and if so, for how much.  It seems the government isn't always out to get you; it seems sometimes they do actually want to help.

I was approved and not only that, I was approved for the entire $16,500 which means I don't have to run around like a suicidal chicken with my head cut off, trying to make up the difference.

I really just can't say enough about Charie and what a wonderful woman she really is.  She has been so wonderful through the entire process and I really believe I couldn't have done all this without her help.  The thought of facing all the paper work and application process by myself is overwhelming enough that if I had to have done it without her help; I don't think I would have gone through with it.  I am now just in the process of waiting for the final paper work to be mailed to myself and hopefully it should be here by Friday the 19th.  Once the final paper work is in, I'll have one more appointment with Charie and then it's off to the post office to finalize the loan and VOILA! I'll have finished everything I needed.

Orientation for the April course will be on April 13th and I am really looking forward to it.  I can't wait to get to know the people and teachers I'll be spending the next year of my life with. Another nice perk to orientation is the fact there will be sushi!  Hahaha, yes I know, I'm terribly shallow for seeming like I'm only thinking of the sushi (Dude, it's SUSHI!) but I really am excited for everything! 

It was a great feeling to be so close to finally being done with the whole application process as I'm now that much closer to the course start date and I am truly looking forward to it.

After we finished up at the school, Matty took me to our favorite little sushi place in Gastown (Momosushi on Water st. if you're interested) and we had an amazing little lunch and a beer and just a nice little celebration.  Better still, while we were eatting, we ran into 3 of our close friends who were there to have a quick lunch before work.  That was really lovely, especially as they all had well wishes for me and plenty of compliments on my AMAZING eyeshadow :p

Not to blow my own horn there or anything, but it really is phenomenal today!  It was my 21st birthday on the 12th and Matty absolutely SPOILED me.  Not only did he take me out for lunch at one of my favorite places in the lower mainland, Wings (on Granville and Davie.  Check it out, half price wings from 2-5pm everyday.  Everyone loves beer and wings. Everyone.) but he also managed to round up all of our friends who also joined us.  It was a really great day and night and consisted of plenty of beer and tequila and jager bombs  and of course everything that comes with such drinking.  Not only did he do ALL that, he also took me to MAC and bought me 2 amazing eye shadows I've been lusting after for quite some time.  I chose Sunny Spot from the POP collection which is a really lovely chartreuse color in the pan but when applied or swatched is a really lovely bright yellow.  I also chose Sushi Flower which is a gorgeous kind of coral pink.  I have been looking for such a color for awhile as it really is very versatile and looks great with SO many colors.  I have heard some mixed emotions on both of these colors as people don't seem to like having to "build up" the color.  I think that is actually one of my favorite points about both of these shadows.  I like having the option of a sheer color or a really bright opaque one.  These are both AMAZING colors and I'm truly loving them both.  Which brings me back to the start of this particular paragraph.  I'm rocking the Sushi Flower today with MAC's Amber Lights pigment and NYX's Golden Dune in the crease.  Considering how much I am LOVING this look, haha it threw me off a bit when I was doing my makeup this morning and didn't have my mascara or eyeliner on yet.  Funny how much mascara and eyeliner really do pull together the entire eye look!  I realize I would be completely lost without mascara or eyeliner.  Take a look, tell me what you think!             

I also picked up a new primer and finally found a bent eyeliner brush today, so I'll have a few reviews in the next couple of days too!  

                                                          Without Flash, Artificial Light

                                                                        With Flash

                                                          Without Flash, Natural Light

                                                               With Flash, Natural Light

Now, for the makeup porn!  Doesn't my poor palette look so empty?!

                    With Flash: 1st Row (L-R): MAC Freshwater, MAC Electric Eel, MAC Clarity (LE)
                                      2nd Row: MAC Romp, MAC Sushi Flower, MAC Amber Lights
                                      3rd Row:  MAC Juxt, MAC Sunny Spot

                                                        Without Flash, Natural Light

                                                              Without Flash, Natural Light
                                                 Close up on Sushi Flower (2nd in Middle line)
                                                           and Sunny Spot (2nd in Bottom line)
FYI: The MAC Freshwater, Electric Eel, Romp, Amber Lights and Juxt are all pressed pigments.

Monday, 7 March 2011

April 18th, HERE I COME!

Hello Hello All!

So, my first post.  Kinda overwhelming, not going to lie.  I want to be able to do this to the best of my abilities to share my journey in being a Makeup Art student with you.  

As of April 18th, 2011 I will officially be going back to school!  I am so overwhelmed and excited by this I can hardly contain myself.  It's been almost 4 years since I've been in any sort of classroom situation and due to the rather poor experiences I had in school anyways, I am nervous as a cat!  It's taken me a few years to finally be selfish and say "HEY! this is my passion and I want to do it for the rest of my life!"  I have always been terrified of money and loans and having debt so it took a bit of coercion on my part to finally swallow my pride and fears (and a few bottles of pepto to keep the ulcers at bay!) to go in and meet with an adviser at New Image and enroll for the April 2011-March 2012 Fashion and Film Makeup Design Diploma course.

I first went in to New Image on Thursday March 3rd to meet with an AMAZING woman named Charie.  I was quite intimidated walking in at first but the atmosphere was a soothing one and immediately put me at ease.  The school itself is the penthouse suite/floor of the Standard building downtown on 510 West Hastings.  The school is a beautiful and bustling little place full of energy and encouragement.  While meeting with Charie, I felt nothing but support and a genuine want to help me achieve my dreams and help me do what it is I love.  Charie is an outgoing and bubbly sort of woman.  Not only is she gorgeous but she has the brains and emotions to match!  As mentioned, I am TERRIFIED of loans and debt and due to my current financial situation and stresses, the moment she asked about money and what the situation was, I started to cry.  GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION RIGHT?!  Gah, so obviously, I was mortified.  I hate to cry, especially in front of people I don't know.  Charie was an absolute doll and didn't make me feel a fool for crying, and it seemed she truly understood what a conflicting feeling I was having.  I have honestly never felt such a great feeling anywhere, let alone in school.  Everyone at this school is very outgoing and so supportive.  I needed that, considering the state my head really was in.  After the initial meeting with Charie, I asked if I could have a few days to really mull everything over in my head and made a date to come back the following Tuesday.

So home I go for the evening, back to all the stresses of being broke and wondering if going to school right now is really in my best interest.  I can't even begin to explain how dejected I felt, thinking about whether loving something with all your heart really is a good enough reason to put yourself into debt when you can't even find a job!  I sat for HOURS looking over the information packet I was given and talking with my best friend and life adviser, Mom.  I honestly believe between herself and my AMAZING friend down in Texas, Shea of Pinkosmetics (My Amazingly talented makeup artist friend and main source of inspiration for finally doing this!) that I never could have gotten past my financial fears.

I know now that the money I am paying is only a small down payment on what I feel is going to be a HUGE future for myself.  Of course, I am still scared, but I know that not a lot of people get the ability to do what it is they love as living for the rest of their lives and I don't want to be one of those people.  It's my life and ultimately, I have the final say.  I know what I want and I know how to get it.

After mulling it over ALL NIGHT LONG, and with the encouragement of my wonderful fiance, I texted Charie back the next morning and asked her if there was still space left in the April course and quick as a wink, she told me there were a few spots left and if I had the time (Of course I had the time, I'm unemployed!) that I could come in that same day and enroll myself and she'd help me get the student loan application sorted out.  So off I go, back to the same place I seemed to have such trouble finding the day before.  Walking in that day, I felt much different than the day prior.  I was confident and so excited I could hardly contain myself.  Meeting with Charie again, I knew I absolutely adored her and if it weren't for her and all her help, I'd have been a mess.  Not a hot one, just a mess.

After signing copious amounts of forms, I really felt I was making the right choice.  I never once felt like Charie was trying to push this on me or that the school was just out for my money.  Charie helped me by being a great support while I filled out all my information online with StudentAidBC and assured me that considering my circumstances that they would accept me.

And now here I sit, playing the waiting game until I am approved and I find out how much assistance I will receive.  I am still nervous simply because I'm not sure whether they will cover the full tuition and if not, how the hell will I?! I have another appointment to go back on the 14th after my birthday to find out if I was approved and if so, for how much.  I have my fingers crossed.  Night and day, it's all I think about it.  It's what I dream about.

I can say one thing though and it's that the school has never known and never will know passion and dedication like mine.  I am absolutely grateful for all the amazing support and help I have received.  I know I couldn't have done it without some amazing people who I'd really like to thank.

Mom: Thank you for always being my bridge over troubled waters and for knowing me inside and out.  Thank you for convincing me I deserve to be happy and that god really does work in mysterious ways.  Because of you, I know everything will turn out right.

Shea:  You're my rock.  I know I couldn't be doing this without you.  I know I am terribly stubborn and a bit of pessimist at times, but thank you from the bottom of my heart for pushing me.  I appreciate it more than I could ever convey.

Matty: Thank you for your love.  That alone is enough to push me to do what it is I truly love.  Thank you for your encouragement and support during these rather trying times.  Thank you for everything you do and everything you are always willing to do to help me be a better me.  I love you mostest <3

Camille (TalkinMakeUp on youtube):  I first stumbled across your video on how you became a MAC artist one night and I instantly loved you.  You are so beyond vivacious and outgoing you just OOZE it. You are such a lovely person and you have so much to give and you always do.  After watching your video, I was inspired by your dedication and you message of "Just Do it" that I almost cried.  I knew you were right in saying that you should do what you love and never let anyone make you believe you can't.  You are such a wonderful person and such a talented artist that I truly adore you.  I appreciate everything you do and all the support you offer.  I will definitely keep you updated on the schooling.  Thank you for the inspiration.