Sunday, 24 April 2011

Giveaway Winnings from Pinkosmetics and Ebay Palette Haul

Fun Stuff Today, Guys and Dolls!

As mentioned a few posts back, I recently won a little giveaway contest from Pinkosmetics.  The first was for a butterfly themed makeup contest and the second was a referral giveaway. The makeup gods must have been smiling down on me because I somehow managed to win both!  I have never won anything so this was exciting in itself, but to sweeten the pot, I got to pick $30 worth of products from their shop for the butterfly contest and got to pick a MAC blush for the referral giveaway.  I chose a few things I've been lusting after for awhile now from the shop and so I thought I'd show you!  I know, it's nothing you all haven't seen before, but my broke student self was BEYOND ecstatic to finally get my hands on them!

As for the blush, being as I'm a lover of all things MATTE, I opted to pick a Matte blush and let my dear friend Shea, Owner of Pinkosmetics pick a color for me as I really like surprises! Being the amazing MUA that she is and knowing me very well, she picked a real winner in Desert Rose.  A wonderful all around natural flush type color, Desert Rose truly is deserving of HG status.  Despite the fact it does indeed look like a deep, dusty rose in the pan; when applied, it's the most gorgeous natural flush color.  It's very pigmented and thus you need only use a little product and a light hand.  I am absolutely in LOVE.  Shea really is an AMAZING Makeup Artist with wonderful vision for what suits people best and she hit this one right outta the ball park.  Being as I am so pale I worried when I first saw the color but the minute I applied it, I knew Shea had picked the perfect color.

Now, for the makeup porn you've all seen but I know you're still waiting for!  EBAY PALETTE HAUL!
I recently finally jumped on the 120 palette bandwagon as it contains my favorite types of colors; BRIGHTS! Alongside the 120 palette, I got a free 15 concealer palette.  I also purchased the 28 neutral palette, 28 Blush Palette and the 10 Blush Palette (Yes, there are some dupes between the two, but I LOVE blush!) I must admit, I was a skeptic about these palettes but figured for $45 bucks including shipping, I didn't have too much to lose. Overall, I was amazed at the 120 palette.  Most reviews I've read stated they were very chalky and I didn't really find this to be true. Obviously, using some sort of tacky type base (NYX Jumbo Pencils ROCK for this purpose) these colors pop like mad and with a good primer, lasted the entire day. There was a little fallout but not much more so than most other eye shadows.  The blushes are actually very pigmented and these definitely were a bit powdery, but still work like a hot damn. A few of the colors were very light even on my very fair complexion but still leave a nice hint of color for those "down days" when you want to rock the no makeup look. The concealer too, was actually quite a shock.  The coverage is really quite good.  The concealer dries down to almost a powder finish and has some decent staying power when applied over a good primer. I particularly like the green because unlike most green concealers, it's a light green and blends well over my red areas and into my fair skin.  The concealer palette has all the standard colors; lights, mediums and darks, along with a green, a lavender, a yellow and a really lovely highlighter.  The neutral palette on the other hand, is definitely my least favorite of the bunch.  Most people who have purchased this palette seem to really enjoy it but I just find all the colors seem to look alike and that was kind of a let down.  I was never really a neutral fan until as of late when I purchased my Candy Yum Yum and discovered how lovely a really neutral eye looks with it.  Overall though, I am EXTREMELY pleased with my purchase and just had to rant a little about it here because...well.... I can?  That, I figured you all would understand best my absolute joy in having lovely new stuff to play with :p
The Palette Haul in it's entirety!

The much loved 120 Palette <3

The 28 Neutral Palette

The 15 Concealer Palette; I REALLY Love the Yellow, Green and Lavender this palette includes.

The 10 Blush Palette

The 28 Blush Palette

I'll have a few reviews on these palettes and my thoughts on them when I get a bit more time to really work with them.  Hopefully in the near future, I'd like to do a series of look tutorials that are all palette based full face looks (i.e: Palette eyes, Palette Face and even Palette lips!) So keep an eye open for that and tell me what you guys think!

Thanks again for letting me rant!

Lots of Love

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