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Loose Button April '11 box: My First Sample Box!

Good Afternoon Guys and Dolls!

So excited for this little review as I have obviously seen so much on the net about all the sample box companies.  Sadly, since I live in Canada and cannot purchase Birchbox's, I  was very happy to have found a few companies that do sell and ship to Canada and as such I am VERY excited to get my sweaty little mitts on the boxes themselves.  The first company like Birchbox that I found that does ship to Canada was Loose Button and after looking over their website, I was VERY excited.  Loose Button is a deluxe sample box company based in Canada.  Their monthly box program is an invitation only company at the moment as they are just getting started now.  I emailed them and applied for an invitation and within 2 days I was emailed back with an invitation to buy my first box.  As it stands at the moment, it is not a recurring monthly program and you can either purchase 1 month at a time or 3 months at a time. Within the next few months, Loose Button will be open publicly, meaning no more waiting for an invitation and you can choose to have recurring boxes shipped to you monthly.  I myself opted to purchase only 1 month at this point.  It cost me $9.99 flat, with free shipping to anywhere in Canada or the US.  I was really grateful for that and I do think that is certainly one of the things that really makes Loose Button stand out.  I also really love supporting Canadian companies.
There was a lovely cute little bow but I forgot to take a photo of it :(
At Loose Button, customer service really does appear to be of utmost importance to them.  I had a couple of questions and within a day I had answers and on top of that, dealing with them is just an absolute joy.  The guys at Loose Button really go out of their way to be as helpful and informative as possible, all the while still being VERY friendly and just all around really lovely to deal with.  I definitely look for great customer service when it comes to dealing with people I am giving my hard earned money to and they most certainly deliver.  I really just can't say enough about their outgoing and super helpful manner.  A+++, most definitely.

As for the box itself, I can honestly say I'm in Love.  The time and thought they've put in to the simple and sweet packaging really astounded me.  The box itself is is a lovely parchment box wrapped with a cute little black and white polka dotted ribbon tied in a perfect little bow.  Even after being packed and shipped, my box arrived looking lovely as the day they put it all together.  Inside the box, bright colored tissue paper adds an even more luxe touch.  The first thing you see upon opening the box is a super cute little personalized information card telling you about the products included, along side a little chocolate they've included to really help give you that 5 star feel.
My vintage loving heart was skipping beats! 
Once you get past the pretty tissue, the fun really does begin.  In all the Loose Button boxes, there are 3-5 deluxe samples from all sorts of companies.  In the near future, when the company really gets off the ground, there will be samples from your favorite brands like MAC, NARS, Bobbi Brown, Balmshell (An AMAZING Canadian company!) and loads of other amazing high end brands.  Unlike the samples you get from department stores, the samples you get from Loose Button are the equivalent of most travel size products.  Most department store samples you will only get one use out of!  The samples you receive are of a varying sort, normally skincare and cosmetics and even hair care products.  You really can't beat a great variety like that every month for the awesome price of $9.99, especially when the shipping is free.

My April box included:

Elizabeth Grant Biocollasis Gentle Cleanser (60ml or 2fl. oz.)

Elizabeth Grant Lubricating Body Treatment (25ml or .84 fl. oz)

Principessa Beauty Terme Tresses Shampoo (15ml or .51 fl. oz.)
Principessa Beauty Terme Tresses Conditioner (15ml or .51 fl. oz)

Clinque High Impact Mascara in Black (.14 oz)

Also included was a Daffodil pin in support of cancer research as April is Cancer month.  I really appreciated this even though I have already purchased a few of these pins myself, it's nice to know that part of this month's box proceeds go to cancer research.

Overall, I was really pleased with this box.  I was honestly hoping for more makeup samples, but after trying some of these products, I'm VERY glad they included what they did.  I am LOVING the Elizabeth Grant Gentle Cleanser and Lubricating Lotion.  I hope in the near future there will be more makeup samples, as clearly that is a HUGE plus in my books but I do really love how much thought and effort LB puts into these boxes.  You can clearly see these guys spend a lot of time try to vary each month's box and as such, there's always something new and exciting.  I appreciate all the personal little touches and the genuine classic simplicity of this box.  The packaging alone brings back thoughts of the 40's when everything your purchased from shops came wrapped in tissue and packaged in lovely little boxes.  This company truly was out for my heart from the start.  I just can't say enough about this wonderful company and truly look forward to having this wonderful little gift in my mail box every month. 

I hope you all look into this great little company as they truly have this sample box thing down to art.

Lots of Love

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