Monday, 4 April 2011

MAC Candy Yum Yum Look Tutorial

Salutations, Guys and Dolls!

Today I'm going to show you a quick and easy look starring MAC's Candy Yum Yum.  Because this lipstick is such a stunner, it really will be focal point of this look.  I went for an understated natural type eye and a very simply glowing springtime complexion.  I want this look to translate well for both day and night looks as well as really kind of embodying Spring!
Spring has Sprung!

First things first, I like to start with moisturizing my face (I use MAC Studio Moisture Fix) and priming my eyes.  It may seem a bit backwards, but I like to do my eyes first and then do my foundation so as not to have to worry too much about fallout.  For an eye primer, I am using ELF Mineral Eye Primer. (at $3, it works almost as well UDPP at a broke student friendly price!) I also used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cottage Cheese to really give the eyeshadows something to stick to.  Make sure to blend out the pencil with your finger.  If you don't it will crease, even with a primer underneath. I like to tap a translucent powder onto my cheeks and the orbital bone so as to catch the fallout.  I brush this away at the end of doing my eyes with a large, fluffy powder blush.
Blend out the pencil with your finger really well!
Next, I am going to start with my lid color.  I chose to use a soft pinky gold shimmer, in this case MAC's Naked Lunch.  In my experience, this color shows up a lot less pink on me though I have heard people say that if you have yellow undertones, this does show up a bit more pink.  On myself, it shows up more neutral and I notice the gold tones showing through more so.
Oh yes, those eyelashes are really 2 different colors!

Now I am going to work on my crease.  I chose to use MAC's Sushi Flower in the crease to tie in the pink.  Sushi Flower is a coral pink Satin eyeshadow and despite the fact it looks darker in the pan, when applied it can be applied sheer or built up.  I am blending this upwards from the crease to the brow bone.  You can choose how high you want to take the color up.  I darkened it in the crease a bit to get some real definition. I also chose to use a bit of MAC's Paradisco in the crease to darken it further.  I applied this rather lightly so as not to make the eyes TOO dramatic; just enough to get to kind of deepen the look of your eyes.  Sort of like contouring :p
*Note: The flash has made the crease look darker than in reality.*
For a highlight, I chose to use Naked Lunch again, very lightly applied just under your brow.  I used an angle brush to get most of the color directly under the brow so as to "lift" your brows a bit.  I then blended it down a bit and picked up a bit more on a fluffly blending brush to blend the Sushi Flower with the highlight. When it came to Mascara, I chose to use Maybelline Full and Soft in Blackest Black, applying 2 coats to the upper lashes and 1 very light coat on the lower lashes. I also chose to apply some individual natural false eyelashes on the outer corners just because I like them :p
Now that I've finished the eyes, I've brushed away the translucent powder and I'm going to "put my face on", as it were.  As mentioned, I used MAC's Studio Moisture Fix and then Smashbox's Photo Finish Face Primer. For a foundation, I am using at the moment Cover Girl and Olay Simply Ageless Foundation in Classic Ivory.  I am really loving this foundation as it's both very lightweight and moisturizing.  I don't use the sponge it comes with, nor do I use a foundation brush.  God's best gifts are your hands and I utilize them fully.

For the blush, I chose to use Benefit's Coralista.  It is really quite pigmented and as I'm so pale, I use a very fluffy loosely packed brush for a very sheer application.  I applied this just to the apples of my cheek.  This is a really lovely coral-y blush with a fair bit of shimmer to it.  I chose this because it's really bright and makes me think of spring and summer and sun!

Obviously, this is the part that ties it all together.  This is where my "True Love in a Tube" comes in.  Using a lip brush, I applied MAC's Candy Yum Yum to my lips.  Being as it's a matte, you guys might choose to using a gloss over top. I didn't.  I did however, take a different lip brush, and take a bit of the Naked Lunch and applied it to my cupid's bow to give a bit more dimensions to my lips.  This is a trick  to make your lips seem fuller that I really love and even though I have naturally full lips.

TAAA DAAAA! Now tell me this look doesn't make you think of Spring and fun in the sun?!

I hope y'all enjoyed reading about this look as much as I enjoyed doing it and sharing it with you!  Thanks again for looking in.

Lots of Love

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  1. Awesome! So fun and pretty =)