Sunday, 24 April 2011

Weekend Haul

Hello again, my friends!

I can't even being to explain how totally stoked I am with all the amazing stuff I got this weekend.  Better still, I think all in all everything cost me about $30!  MEGA STEAL!

Recently, I discovered that one of the local dollar stores sold some of those AMAZING korean sheet masks for your face and I had bought 3 initially and immediately fell in love with them.  They are SO simple and work like a charm and for a buck a piece, you really can't beat that.  So this weekend, I went back and picked up 8 more (mostly doubles as there selection had greatly dwindled this time around.  Sad to see everyone else has discovered my secret!) and seriously, where the hell else can you get a facial for $1, let alone 8 of them!  SCORE.

Next, my lovely mother and I took a trip to one of our FAVORITE places, Value Village, and I picked up my soul mate; in purse form!  It's a big, yellow purse and I'm in LOVE!  Yellow is my FAVORITE color and I've been lusting after a big yellow purse for ages.  When we got it home, my wonderful mom truly perfected it and really made it "ME".
Mind the Crappy Photo, it's from my Blackberry!

After VV, we headed next door to another thrift store, a tiny little SPCA one that mom and I always find lots of awesome little things in.  This time was NO different.  After looking through a random little box, I found a baggie that had a BRAND NEW, stilled wrapped Lush "Shimmy Shimmy" massage bar in and a BRAND NEW, still wrapped, chunk of Coal Face facial soap (It's the most AMAZING facial soap if you have some oily areas.  I LOVE LUSH!) all for $4.00! MEGA SCORE!  Seriously, the massage bar alone is like $8.00! I was so excited, and I sincerely thought that was my ultimate deal of the weekend.

Fast forward a day to Saturday, and my best friend and partner in crime, Mom, went to our most FAVORITE place EVER, Micheal's and I picked up an amazing little artist's brush that is an almost EXACT dupe of the MAC 205 Mascara Fan brush for only $5.99!  I also picked up a great little 10 well plastic mixing palette.  I was originally just going to pick up a 6 well but for an extra 20 cents, I could have the 10 well.  My inner bargain hunter told me to take the 10 well as it only cost $1.69.  I must say, I absolutely love the mascara fan brush as it really does lend itself very well to either very light coats for very natural eyes and also to building volume with heavier coats.
A great MAC 205 dupe for only $5.99!

I should have shown something for scale; this brush is about the size of your index finger nail.

 Now, as if all that wasn't AMAZING enough (and I really thought I was having the GREATEST HAUL WEEKEND TO EVER BE HAD) we stopped by London Drugs to pick up some BeautySoClean cosmetic sanitizer spray while it was on sale for $7.99.  While we were there picking that up, I noticed they also had a bottle of the professional size BeautySoClean brush cleanser.  They didn't have a price tag for the professional size one, only for the retail size version, which was also on sale for $12.99. The pro size is 250 ml while the retail size is only 125 ml and thus I asked the sales lady if she could check the price on the pro size for me.  As it turned out, they don't actually sell the pro size one anymore and thus that bottle had technically been written off already.  The truly AMAZING sales lady, sold me the pro size bottle for $5.00.  Seriously.  I jest not.  The pro size normally retails online for $24.99.  MEGA EPIC SCORE.  Seriously.  I just owned this weekend haul.  I couldn't be more happy!

Overall, this was a terribly productive (beauty) weekend for me, I'd say!  I was just so damn pleased with this little weekend haul that I felt the need to share it with you as I know y'all always understand.

Thanks again my friends, for taking the time out to share in my joy with me!
Lots of Love

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