Saturday, 26 March 2011

Exciting Stuff :)

Hello again, friends! :)

This is going to be quick one but I just HAD to share my joy and excitement with someone and I knew you'd understand :)  Also, a really rad site y'all should check out; which I also know you'll appreciate.

First, the exciting part!

About a month ago I entered in a contest held by Pinkosmetics on facebook.  The idea of the contest was to create your best butterfly themed look.  Me, being a "Go big or Go Home" sorta gal decided to try my hand at an ACTUAL butterfly and be all artsy about it.  Let me tell you this; I am NOT artistically talented in any way.  Aside from with makeup, my actual like, drawing skills, are very sad indeed.  I figured though that I had nothing to lose and a $30 gift card to the Pinkosmetics site if I did, so I swallowed my pride and gave it a good shot and this is what I came up with:

                                                                  And Another View:

Note my lack of abilities.  Somehow though, by some grace of Robert Plant (GOD), I won!  YAY ME!  I've never won a damn thing in my life, not even a Science Fair! So off I headed to the Pinkosmetics site to pick out my prizes and I'll be damned if they didn't have the eyeshadow I've been lusting after FOREVER; (Remember, broke student with a loan!) MAC's Chrome Yellow.  Now Yellow is my FAVORITE color of all time and I've never been able to find a really pigmented matte yellow, at least not one in my price range.  You can bet your butt that is what I picked!  Then, I also found MAC's Nylon and immediately knew I had to have it as I have heard many people say it's like HG of highlight colors.  I also opted for a duo lash glue to round it all out to $30 limit as I never seem to remember to pick some up when I'm at Sephora and I was in desperate need of good glue! YAY ME!  I'm sorry, I'm really not trying to brag but I was beyond stoked to win this and just had to tell you about the awesomeness that is Pinkosmetics!  It's a really wonderful site run by an amazing lady with the best customer service I have EVER received.  Pinkosmetics is an online shop and makeup resource for the ACTUAL shop and "studio" (Is that the right word?!) Pinkosmetics down in Houston, Texas.  Headed by Shea Phillips, it is one of the top rated makeup art studios (that still doesn't sound quite right) in Houston.  Shea is a very talented Makeup Artist who really is capable of creating or recreating ANY look.  She is a full service beauty studio, specializing in all sorts of fun things like lash extensions and tinting as well full photo shoots with hair and makeup right in the studio.  Shea is a really outgoing and very helpful. If there is ANYTHING you are looking for, I guarantee she can find it and for a much better price.  At the moment, she is in the process of updating her site and thus she hasn't got much left in the way of products up, but never fear, as she is always updating and there's always a mega deal to be found.  I have dealt with Shea many a time now and she has helped me track down damn near any and every thing I have asked her to find.  On top of the contest prize, she also was having a little mini giveaway on her Facebook Page . (I STRONGLY suggest you guys head over there ASAP and "Like" them as she is always doing little giveaways and posting amazing photos from her photo shoots) This little giveaway was for whomever could suggest the most friends and LUCKY ME, I totally pwned that one too!  Don't ask how, but I'm sticking to the whole "grace of Robert Plant" theory.  In turn, I won a MAC Desert Rose blush. AMAZING RIGHT?!  It most certainly is!  I have a hard time finding AFFORDABLE matte blushes and so was absolutely stoked that this blush was the one up for grabs.  I was "announced" as the winner about 3 days ago and was just informed by Shea today that she had shipped my stuff and thus, all this excitement and my need to share.

All in all, I just felt the compulsion to share my lovely new beauty secret, Pinkosmetics , with you all.  This is a company you NEED to have on your side and in your kit if you're constantly on the look out for a great deal and dealing with great people! I can't stress enough how much I am LOVING this awesome company and how instrumental they have been in my search for many illusive products. Go check them out on facebook at Pinkosmetics for even BETTER deals than on their site and for fun giveaways and comment games!  Head over to their page and show them some love and tell them I sent you! The more subscribers on facebook they get, the more giveaways they'll do! If you are in the Houston area, please go check them out at 7979 North Eldridge Parkway and stop in to see the amazing work they do! 

Thanks again for listening to me ramble and as always,
Lots of Love


  1. Awesome!! SO sweet I hope everyone in the makeup world reads this and totally agrees with you :-)